Making It Happen

Hey Fans! First off, I want to say we wouldn’t be here doing this without you!  It is our goal to deliver to you, a perspective, from the ordinary fans. No connections, no backdoor deals, just raw, unfiltered Fandom.

Lugz and I, The Gas Man, met in school, the sixth grade. We immediately bonded over our love and dorkiness for Nascar. Over the next several years we discussed our dreams about being involved in the sport, while we collected our little 1/64th cars and race them around popsicle stick tracks.  We quizzed each other and argued over different drivers and moments constantly. As we have grown up and have professional jobs, we have not lost our dorkiness. We still want to be involved with the sport and know many fans are just like us. This is why we started this Podcast, to deliver true Fan perspective!  We thank you for allowing us to touch on our dreams!


Crew Chief

Lugz is a one of a kind Lug Nut!  Growing up, living the life of a farmer, putting in a hard a day’s work; only relief was a little Sunday Nascar.  Lugz grew up wishing one day he could rock such a magical stache and ride off into rainbow glory just as his Idol, Jeff Gordon.  In sixth grade, Lugz met this annoying Dale Earnhardt fan, forever being bonded in friendship by the rivalry between “The Kid” and the “The Intimidator.”  Constant arguing over who was better, and probably some name calling like “You nasty Gas Man,” led to many years as friends who continue to annoy each other over their love of Nascar. My escape is still my love of Sunday’s (and some Saturdays) and watching the chaos that unfolds. I can now bring that joy to a bigger audience, our fans, who I hope appreciate our work.  Please, fans, reach out and say hi, let us know your thoughts about topics or suggestions, or hell even your memories.  

The Gas Man

Over the Wall Crew

A true Nascar fan through and through. Growing up my dad hated sports and anything to do with them except Nascar. He was a huge fan of Dale Earnhardt and he watched him grow from that rookie of the year in 79’ to the intimidator he became, Pure Legendary! Because of this, I too, was a Dale Earnhardt fan, following him from the day I was born. I am not a very emotional guy, but I cried like a baby in 2001. I just experienced a loss of one of my heros. Not going to lie, for months, I cussed Sterling Marlin. I wore a black arm band to school, and had a remembrance written out in window paint on the back of my s10 truck. That was seriously a life altering moment that I will never forget. From there I went on to follow Harvick and Jr., but it still was never the same. I felt like the sport lost some of its luster, and with the Car of Tomorrow blunder, I about left watching the sport. I stayed, with faith, that one day that luster and feeling would return. We are not to that point yet, but we could be soon as we are getting a younger generation in challenging the older one. The hope is still there, and with this, I want to be part of that movement. I want to help by bringing attention back to the fans and represent the fans with our Podcast. Reach out and say hey to us, show us and tell us your passion through twitter or email. We want to hear from you, fans like us!     


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